Who's Your City by Richard Florida
by Harry / April 6, 2008

Who's Your City: How the Creative Economy Is Making Where to Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life is Richard Florida's latest book. He's the one who wrote The Rise of the Creative Class which examined creativity and its effects on economic development. In Who's Your City he posits that where we live matters more than we may think, or want to admit. Whereas The Rise was about social and economic factors, Who's Your City is about the role of psychology. Central to this theory are 40 global Mega-regions, each with it's own personality. "For each of us as individuals, the key is to find the right fit - to think strategically in order to identify our priorities and choose the place that best fits us.". A bit dry, but an interesting read especially if your thinking of putting down roots somewhere. Check out the website and personality trait maps. Hardcover, 374 pages, $17.79 at Amazon.

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