This Week At Art MoCo
by sabine7 / April 4, 2008

Megan Baker is one sixteen-year-old photographer who is putting her time and talents to good use. Baker’s photos of depressed houses combine mood, light and colour to draw us in and keep us there.

Tom Haubrick’s pen-and-ink drawings have just a titch of colour, but even without, this black and white work stands out on its own.

Food, and lots of it, is the theme of hyper-realist paintings by Pamela Johnson, who supersizes our portions, but only because it is what we want.

We cannot take our eyes off Malcolm Bucknall’s creations: half-human, half-animal, or half-animal, half-bird.

And we end the week on a light note, with Ramsés Larzábal’s gentle installations. SM

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