by Harry / March 25, 2008

A web start-up without a T-Shirt is just, well... naked. So when it came time to get one for Praized, the local-social app, we turned to Jean-Philippe Rajotte, art director for game developer Ubisoft by day and artist by night. We saw him here first and in keeping with our "source worldclass locally" mantra we contacted him and asked him if he could design one for Praized. The briefing: likeminded communities are tribe-like, Praized leverages the tribe to find stuff near you. That's it. Two designs emerged, the first above is abstract inspired by our logo, maps and what I'd like to think is heart. The second is purely tribal, inspired by Indigenous Australians (or New Zealand's Maori, not quite sure). Either way, it makes for nice T-shirts and illustrates the Praized motto well - Trust Your Tribes.





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