2 Questions for Jade Rude
by Greg / February 28, 2008

Staying at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto gave us an opportunity to get a closer look than most at the Come Up To My Room exhibit on display there. One of our favorite exhibits was Jade Rude's "frames" shown on the walls of the stairs on the way up to the show. We met with Jade to discuss her work and we had two questions... more after the jump. JGB

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Jade describes her work to Moco Loco at the Gladstone Hotel.

What inspired the beautiful frames you showed at the Gladstone Hotel this year?
Artificial gold’s acceptance is the latest vogue. Popular culture has re-appropriated gold’s exclusivity – a declassification of gold’s bling. The frames installed for CUTMR at the Gladstone Hotel played with this notion, responding to the site specificity in order to compliment the architecture.The frames reference silhouettes of varied ornate 19th century gilded frames, fashioned after the time period of the hotel, Romanesque.

Jade's Romanesque Frames in context.

The frames are an example of what I playfully call ‘Wall Couture’, more specifically ‘Faux Couture’. I use the term ‘faux’ referring to the consumer grade superficial materials and finishes (veneers) in which I employ in my work – in order to simulate and look like something the are not …. rather than the high-quality and expensive materials of haute.

Tell us more about the rich the gold material you chose?
What I like to call "consumer gold" (aluminum coated with a polished brass, not initially intended to be 'mirrors'). The frames were collaged on the wall, denoting the same arrangement often found in domestic environments. When I create these forms I follow the standardized size of the actual object. In this case each form is in accordance to “Western Culture’s” standard size – 5x7”, 8x10”, 16x20”, etc.

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