Janelli & Volpi Wallpaper Design Contest
by sabine7 / January 10, 2008

When Janelli & Volpi launched a contest to find the best new wallpaper designs, the search was on for wallcoverings suitable for a hotel or bed & breakfast. The five winners were recently announced, and four out of five used tourism as the theme. The fifth opted for a design involving millions of ants. The other choices were designs that paired Google Earth and the Vatican; depicted iconic tourist information; imitated a guestbook; and made use of stylized city maps. Above we have Perception by Blanche Steigel and Daniela Petermann; the other winning designs are after the jump.

+ italiandesign360.com

What is What Wall by Celina von Stromberg.

Scale 1/2 by Catherine Schnoebelen.

Surveypaper by Ljiljana Tutnjevic and Damir Bralic.

Ants by Marco Teatro.


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