Sabine Modder's 2007 Top 5
by sabine7 / January 17, 2008

Choosing a Top 5 is a task that gets more difficult all the time. The coverage of all the design shows excites me because I can feel the buzz despite being at my desk. Art Basel Miami Beach was the definite highlight of the year for Art MoCo and me. Finally, I forced myself to focus on a simple Top 5, but know I really had a Top 25, at the very least!

I loved this photo, the juxtaposition of old and new, wide and narrow. Despite the difference in style, this modern infill house, the Galley House by Donald Chong, fits into the streetscape fairly unobtrusively.

The Swamp Collection by Visual Reference Studio (now known as NunoErin) was out of the ordinary and fun to boot. I remembered the floor coverings by this design team a couple of years ago at ICFF and was thrilled to see the progress.

The Tattoo House in Melbourne by Andrew Maynard is a delightful way to get more space. The most economical way to do this was to add a box, but by letting all that light in, it seems more open and spacious. The embellishment to the glass was a stroke of genius.

Art Lebedev Studio continues to keep my interest. The clean lines and sharp ideas are what appeal the most, but a strong dose of humour has me hooked. I flipped over the Hallowe'en clothespins.

Nate Archer's wearable Timbits, the Timpins, were a combination of food, fashion and design. As a Canadian, I fell for the clever humour and the use of a national icon. Plus, I like small donuts.

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