Show Us Your Skills Winner
by Harry / January 3, 2008

Retro clock maker furni has announced the winner of their Show Us Your Skills contest - wherein designers were invited to hack their clock. The winning entry, Emily by Greg Wolos, is a wall clock with a twist, it looks like a tabletop set but it attaches to the wall and the display shows the time so that you can read it when your head is on a pillow. Another ergo feature, you grab the unit for snooze, the buttons are on the back edge of the unit. Wolos went all out to win, he even mocked up photos so that it would fit right into the furni catalog. furni is now planning to put Emily into production for their upcoming collection and share the profits with the winner. Check out the "making of" Flickr set. More designs after the jump.

10:18 by Maelig Pommeret of France.


"Make Art With Your Time" and Granpa (below) also by Maelig Pommeret.


Danforth by Mike Nielsen, Denver, Colorado. Says Mike "I was thinking this might be what would happen if a Gator accidentally went down the Templeton production line. Seventh button hole is for LED night light which projects light onto the ceiling through alarm vent holes."

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