More Questions
by sabine7 / January 10, 2008

Over a year ago we asked MoCo Loco readers to submit questions that they most wanted answered by designers we feature in our weekly 2 Questions segment. We stuck to the top 3 questions for a year:

1. The world is already full of stuff; why do you make/design more?

2. What two modern day conveniences can you not live without? How you would change/improve them?

3. Art Deco, Mid-Century, Post-Modern… is it possible to describe the ‘design’ era we're currently in?

The first question applies to us as consumers as well; why do we buy more stuff? The second was about tools and products, and again we ask ourselves what devices make our work lives work at all. And the third helps us situate ourselves in relation to this common passion.

Now it’s time to change the questions up a little (or maybe not). This is where we need your help. What new questions would you like us to ask? Do we stick to the old chestnuts that are sustainability-related? Do we try to dig up quirks? What should we ask to help place design within a larger context? And who would you like to see interviewed?

Send us your questions. We’ll create a poll and take a vote.

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