Jw's 2007 Top 5
by sabine7 / January 10, 2008

It's easy to forget that design isn't just about product, but also about questions, answers, ideas, confrontation, and fun. A design blog not only has the ability to inform the public about trendy objects, but also to allow praise, critique, and discussion of contemporary design. My "top five" MoCo picks from 2007 are all articles that garnered some sort of reaction- positive and negative, helpful, and critical- from the audience, because that is what I think design is meant to do.

1. CHI to BCN
My trip to Barcelona this past summer was incredible thanks to the outpouring of advice from friendly MoCo readers. This was just the start for me to make some great new friends and find out more about international design. Through this post I was able to meet Alex and Ana from ItteStudio, eat at some terrific non-tourist places, and have more fun in Barcelona than I could have hoped. Thanks again to all of you for your advice!

2. Vertikal
This bottle design drew out comments on its aesthetic, but also its functionality. While looking sleek and clean, a good representation of its contents, would it work in a bar environment? Does that matter to the client or the user? I find it interesting to think about where intent lies in any given design.

3. 2 Questions for Huib Muilwijk
This article showing Huib's "Ceci n'est pas une crois, c'est une banc" drew a polarized reaction from MoCo readers, which is likely the point of such a design. Sometimes its hard to grasp how a couch can have a "point", and even harder to decide whether a couch should have a point.

I personally found Huib's answer to the "The world is already full of stuff" question to be one of the best of the year.

4. Davis + Commonwealth Tropism Vase
As I said, I love when design inspires thought and discussion. While I have mixed emotions about the work of Joshua Davis, I absolutely respect the concepts and methodology that he goes through. This work made me think a lot about my own processes and ideologies while at the same time presenting us all with something wholly unique. Plus I really like it when the designer-in-question actually comments on a post; it lends a touch of validity to the average comment section discussion.

5. Happy Pills
We all love candy, apparently... especially when coupled with brilliant design from studio m (another group of people I've had the pleasure of corresponding with thanks to MoCo Loco!). The Happy Pills post just made me... well, happy! The amount of people that were interested in the product on all levels was astounding. To me that's a sign of a good design: a marriage of concept, product, and presentation that is just overwhelmingly fun.


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