Greg Ball's 2007 Top 5
by sabine7 / January 14, 2008

As a practicing designer I find the most interesting concepts are not only great to look at, but are the ones with a little extra depth to them. The Top 5 that grabbed my attention this year are after the jump.

5. Illy Push Button House
Everything in life comes with the push of a button, so why not a house? Not only does it save space; this product is made from recyclable materials. Great concept.

4. Black crude
This product reminds us of our neverending addiction to oil. The idea that oil is becoming more valuable than gold made me realize why it makes sense to continue riding my bike to the office in 2008!

3. Art Lebedev interview
He made me wonder: "will design will save the world"?. With creative designers like him around; I believe it will. With his annual Halloween product and this year's Christmas ornament, I enjoyed watching the product stories unfold from this studio in Moscow.

2. Happy pills
Probably the most popular post for Moco Loco this year was my second favorite. Happy pills showed the power of good design blended with a great business idea can initiate a great response.

1. Paperclip lamp by Teague
How many times have you bent a paperclip open and admired its shape? (OK maybe it's just me) Simple and beautiful, this lamp's relationship to actual office work is fantastic. Can't wait until its available.

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