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by Harry / November 10, 2007

Tokyo Design Week coverage at DESIGNWS.COM, "This year, for the first time the focal point of the weeks activities is Jingu Gaien, a unique and beautiful open space in the heart of Tokyo.". Part 2 is here.

This week's MoCo picks, Tokyo Design Week edition, II.

+ PingMag's Best Of Tokyo Design Week 2007: Extensive TOP 20! "Why 20...? We don't want to see it as a ranking - these are simply 21 ideas we found most lovely!"

+ TDW round-up at designboom and Studio 22's concrete rings.

+ Takehiro Ando's Cuma and Cross consist of interlocking felt components.

+ Day 3 at Core77.


+ Spect Harpman Architects' 650 square foot Zero House, "The design proposes to have self-generating electricity created by the canopy roof; as well as a 2700 gallon rooftop water collection, and a waste composting system at the lowest level.". Via architechnophilia.

+ ModCell Zero Carbon Homes, "ModCell is a sustainable, prefabricated straw bale and hemp cladding panel". Via eye candy.

+ The Complexities of Keeping It Small and Simple at the NYTimes, architects Paul McKean and Amy Donohue build a modern, green home outside Portland, Oregon. Via Apartment Therapy. See more here.

+ NOTCOT visits CITIZEN:Citizen at Paper's 24 hour Department Store on La Brea, "a one day only pop-up mall".

+ Steven Holl's Riddled hingeless front cabinet for Horm at designboom.

+ Sow & Codfish cable control by Ett La Benn. Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ Alma, Orlando and Björn, a container, fan and lamp by Anita Meyer, are "three siblings [that] are parasitic helpers that ease the burden of everyday life and make us more comfortable.". Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ Dry Tech video at, "A partnership between Droog Design, the Delft university of technology and some of the brightest minds in design. The aim is to bring high-tech materials and creativity to a higher level.".

+ Saba Italia's modular Scoop bed and sofa, "two semi-circular sides of the bed separate to make playful yet practical half-moon shaped seating". Via Trendir.

+ The wrong Wong, yep it wasn't a store and it's not Tobi at UnBeige.

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