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by sabine7 / November 9, 2007

KayLynn Deveney’s collection of photographs that make up The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings is a beautiful homage to an everyday life that was lived but quietly, at least, that’s all we know through the visuals. A peaceful start to the week.

Who knew that sponges and electrical tape were the key ingredients to sparring cats? Argo Bongo, an exhibition of sculpture at the Rivington Arms Gallery, continues through November 21.

Stefano Panzanini plays with his photos until he has achieved the perfect colour to represent the emotion captured on film.

Leigh Glover’s portraits are as much about the brushstroke as they are about the sitter. Lush work that pulls us into portraiture.

But then there are his landscapes … Leigh Glover keeps us in a quiet place. And sometimes, at the end of the week, quiet is good. SM

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