2 Questions for Supermandolini
by sabine7 / November 8, 2007

Supermandolini is a team of two graphic designers in Thessaloniki, Greece who started out with the idea of producing graphic tees, but soon found themselves behind a line of jewellery, accessories and posters that are punchy, current and desirable. What really caught our attention, probably on a busy day where time was at a premium, was their interpretation of the rat race in the Commuter charm that dangles from the Daily Commuters necklace and earrings.

The iconic image of the commuter used in your necklace and earrings really hits a nerve – do you think we will ever reach a point where the commuter image will no longer exist or have negative connotations? Is the Greek design world as fast-paced as some other global design centres?
Phenomena like the one of commuting are global. Like in the rest of the developed world the same applies in Greece too, the image of the commuter represents a specific ‘race’ of people and a certain lifestyle. Because circumstances and needs by nature change all the time we believe this ‘icon’ will go in history like knights and pin up girls did, as a cult figure, which will reflect the culture of an era.

Go Ape illustration, which also deals with the lifestyle and frustration of the daily commuter hero.

The world is already full of 'stuff' – as a designer, why do you choose to create more?
As designers we have learned to communicate ideas with imagery and we have a lot to say and many ideas to share with the world, so producing more ‘stuff’ for us is like having a conversation with everybody that buys, wears and in general interacts with our products. We love to design and we can’t see ourselves doing something else, besides we were never good at math and chemistry ;)

Pine Fresh necklace.


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