Matte black limited edition ccPhone by Tobias Wong
by Sally / October 29, 2007

CITIZEN:Citizen is constantly questioning the value of, and our relationship to, objects. In the vein of commenting on mass culture and mass consumerism, Tobias Wong's latest creation, exclusively for CITIZEN:Citizen has just come out.

The matte black phone, titled ccPhone, is limited to an edition of 50. The ccPhone is constructed from an iPhone. This phone is jet black and its matte surface gives a sense of awe.

The ccPhone comes with a curated series of information. Artwork for the screen, video, a selection of music and, possibly the most intriguing of all, CITIZEN:Citizen's personal address book in v-cards, which will be updated twice a year.

Take a look at a video of Philip Wood, founder and creative director of CITIZEN:Citizen explaining what makes this phone so special:

Philip Wood explains the Tobias Wong iPhone

More pictures (including a regular iPhone next to Wong's) after the jump! SMK


Barely visible authentication.


Mine doesn't look as special anymore...

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