Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / October 20, 2007

Swedish architect Thomas Lind's 10 sq. meter MOMO module house concept - Modernistiskt Modulhuskoncept, "The greenest part of MOMO modules are definitely the roofs, which will use the conventional Swedish mix of water-storing succulents and grasses, and help keep the buildings pleasant in summer." Via TreeHugger.

This week's MoCo picks.

+ Photographer Ed Reeve shoots his own house, Ed's Shed by David Adjaye.

+ Kentaro Takeguchi, Asako Yamamoto / ALPHAVILLE's reinforced concrete Hall House 1 at noticias arquitectura, "We formed the interior space of the house along with this sloped road, putting parking lot at the lower end, the billiard-theater through the entrance, dining-kitchen at a half-floor level going up the broad stairs, which served also as a seat for a home-theater, allowing us to watch images on a huge screen-wall at another end of the billiard hall, over the billiard table.".

+ HABODE's 80 sq. meter prefab, "an eco-friendly concept that appears to fold out of two shipping container sized frames that can be transported anywhere using standard container handling equipment, without being limited by the solid steel walls of a standard shipping container.". Via TreeHugger.

+ Germany's Technische Universität Darmstadt wins the 2007 Solar Decathlon, the winning "home combines both high-tech active solar and low-tech passive solar components into smart operable building envelope of movable photovoltaic shutters" at Inhabitat. More here.

+ Modern-Shed's the Dwelling Shed. Via materialicious.

+ From the ground up, Jason Hammond's modern contemporary "green friendly" home construction blog. Via materialicious.

+ Designer duo 100% from Tokyo are profiled on Pingmag, "...the two guys of 100% are about perfectionism, hence the name."

+ Yiran Qian's Vice Versa Clock design is hands only at designboom.

+ Sloom & Slordig's book-sized, modular Extended bookshelf. Via pan-dan.

+ Katharina Mischer and Thomas Traxler's Tokyo Design Week souvenirs are pins made from old, neglected porcelain plates, at designboom.

+ IKEA's Dream Kitchens Around the World web page lets you travel around the world and visit exquisitely art directed kitchens - just left click (and don't let go). Via Yatzer. Thanks Graham!

+ Gaël Horsfall's neon paper-clip holds the shade in place. Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ Afroditi Krassa's Bright Lights pendant uses neon in an unexpected way. Via sub-studio design blog.

+ Goodmorning Technology's Part bookshelf "a minimal, modular wood and metal bookshelf [that] makes use of colorful rectangular cubbies as designated storage spaces, spacers that allow the shelf to gain height, and as the actual structural support system.". Via Core77.

+ Ecolect, the sustainable materials community launches. "The site will not only be a resource listing, but will incorporate reviews, discussion, and news, encouraging audience participation to further build a bustling eco-minded community.". Via Core77.

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