2 Questions for Josh Urso
by sabine7 / October 11, 2007

Josh Urso’s designs have always fascinated us because they look so darn fragile, yet they are strong enough to function as regular pieces of furniture. His Specter and Draped chairs do not hide any structures underneath; what you see is what you sit on. The Knoop tables are glass tops upon resin impregnated rope and the Puff pendant lights use more of the Urso stiffened fabric. We tried to find out more …

Puff pendant light.

Your designs are very distinctive and your methods are your trademark and signature – how did you come about creating this process? What made the light bulb go off?
I’ve been trained as both a designer and engineer, and have always asked myself how materials can be useful to what I do. Whenever a material comes up in conversation, it seems to find its way into the back of my brain and then sometimes emerges as the impetus for a new design.

Specter chair.

The world is already full of 'stuff' – as a designer, why do you choose to create more?
Whether we like it or not, Stuff is our identity today. I create things that make me happy. I’m also aware that my pieces create wonder and confusion in others. I like the idea of Stuff forcing people to do a little thinking.

Draped Chairs.


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