MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / October 10, 2007

+ Urban Fidelity releases the new Planets omni loudspeakers, hand built in Germany and created by Markus Duevel. The omni directionality disperses 360 degrees of sound.

+ The Treasure Lock by Nutre Arayavanish is a ring with the precious stones locked into the brass padlock for safekeeping when not worn.

+ Cinch is the name of seating designed for the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art by Tom Loeser and made out of industrial felt and steel strapping. Although two of the benches are wrapped around the columns, one is free standing, so the possibilities for this type of seating can vary.

+ New tiles are available from Dominic Crinson in a variety of patterns and colourways. Shown is Quartet, in Opal Grey.

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