To the Legion of the Lost
by sabine7 / October 11, 2007

The ceramic work by Marie Torbensdatter Hermann is achingly simple and thus, poetically beautiful. This artist’s work is so aesthetically pleasing as to be able to carry off a gallery exhibition, yet at the same time, completely useful. Hermann’s porcelain bowls, cups and pitchers need to be touched with the hands, not merely taken in visually. Her surfaces bear the human touch, and each piece has a personality of its own – where others may aim for the more impersonal perfection of complete smoothness, Hermann’s textures dip and curve, a mix of earthiness and fluidity. Each one is different, yet they work together. To the Legion of the Lost is an exhibit of Marie Torbensdatter Hermann’s work currently on through October 30 at Matin in Beverly Hills.


Installation view.

to the legion of the lost (70 porcelain vessels with matte white and shiny white rim).

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