MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / October 9, 2007

+ Mlle Lilli presents the Sekwa and Kascha lamps that let the light shine through the cut out illustrations by the Mlle Lilli team.

+ The Fingers laptop computer stand raises the laptop closer to eye level and apparently the angle makes typing more comfortable, but the real bonus is having slots for all the cables.

+ Stefano Merlo's Energy Buckets are solar activated lights that are easily transported after collecting energy all day to light up all night.

+ Justin Ezell sends us a concept for playroom furniture of vinyl covered high density foam. The popsicle stick is really a shelf and the ottoman slots nicely back into the sofa seat for quick tidy up. No website available.

+ Li Jianye offers some design solutions for those too busy to participate in any sports: The Ping Pong mouse pad, the Starting Block doormat and the Backboard wastepaper basket.

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