London Design Week 2007: Slow Water
by sabine7 / October 4, 2007

Slow Water is a London Design Festival exhibition by Platform 10, a group of students from the Design Products department at the Royal College of Art. The task was assigned by environmental advisor Kim Wilkie, 'to find a way of regaining balance, using water carefully and slowing down its journey from sky to the sea'. The project designers put much emphasis on rainwater management and simple water usage awareness. The Take Away Sink by Jessica Nebel encourages re-using water used for washing, while the Plugless one by Maja Ganszyniec limits the quantity used in the first place. Other projects include Dripless, a device by Tiago Da Fonseca that gives a reading of water consumption in money and litres and Grow Your Own, a small greenhouse that collects rainwater and then waters the plants underneath. More Slow Water projects after the jump.

Water Tiles by Christopher Raymond.

Take Away Sink by Jessica Nebel.

Grow Your Own by Jochem Faudet.

Dripless by Tiago Da Fonseca.

Rain Water Collection by Gregor Timlin & Freddie Youner.

Plugless Sink by Maja Ganszyniec.

Slow Water at the Royal College of Art.

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