2 Questions for Tithi Kutchamuch
by sabine7 / October 4, 2007

Design is an intellectual process that is manifested in the physical and Tithi Kutchamuch is a London-based designer whose work is clever and provocative. Her goal to make consumers stop for a moment and think about what they are purchasing and why. Even if the outcome remains the same, we still owe it to ourselves to be more self-aware. But Kutchamuch does not lecture. Her work is cheeky and well thought out, as are her answers to our questions. More Tithi Kutchamuch over at Art MoCo.

Tithi, some of your designs incorporate the notion that good design may convince consumers to buy less rather than more. Do you believe this is possible, and if so, how can it be achieved?
I do think it’s possible. The idea started while I was writing my dissertation called “changing of consumption: the butterfly effect”, which was about whether people think about the knock-on effect. For example, Bargain food persuades people by playing with the value of money, which has brought a lot of problems to society: over nutrition, eating disorders, obesity, illness, guilt, wasting food, wasting resources, over production, etc. Food industries try to solve problems by changing chemical ingredient…sugar free dessert, skimmed milk, etc. But does that mean we can eat as much as we want? As a designer I suggested another way to solve the problems, and if it could to make people stop and think about their consuming behavior for a sec, then I assume that my work is successful.

Birdfeeder - roof collects water for bath and protects food

The world is already full of 'stuff' – as a designer, why do you choose to
create more?

I do agree the world is already full of stuff, and I don’t want to create any objects only to get money out of people’s pockets. The writer uses the pen as a tool, I tell my thoughts through my products.

Pingpong Party - create a pingpong table out of any table


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