Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / September 29, 2007

Arkitektur magazine award winner; Strata Arkitektur "modern forest superintendent cabin". Via The David Report. More houses here.

This week's MoCo picks.

+ Electrolux Design Lab 2007 Finalists. Via Nordic Design Blog.

+ Gitta Gschwendtner's Flame Lamps, "a series of ten lamps that use low-energy candle-effect bulbs.".

+ Ross Lovegrove's Solar Tree street lights at designboom.

+ Supper sound system designed by Creative Cluster for Taguchi @ DESIGNSPOTTER, "stylish table wares for cozy sound dining experiences.".

+ #Nils Holger Moormann's Insert Coin shelf system, "Trays are inserted into a wall panel in any order, so that each shelf system has its own unique look.". Via pan-dan.

+ Anglepoise Fifty lamps by Anthony Dickens, "the injection-moulded polycarbonate design is a transparent shade with a lamp fitting. The cable threads through the arm, playfully retracing the path travelled by its predecessors.". Via designboom.

+ The AQUAlife Oasi minipiscina (mini pool). Via waycasa.

+ icon, the architecture and design magazine, has a new very blog-like website at

+ Interior Design Magazine visits Kanye West's LA home. Bet you didn't know West studied fine art at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and is an avid pop art collector. Via KanyeUniverseCity.

+ Paramodel: Graffiti-style Rail Track Art at PingMag, "Blue lines covering everything from the floor to the walls and all over the ceiling. If you look close enough at these gigantic blue roots, you realise that it's all made of plastic rails, more precisely, of blue plastic toy rails we used to play with as kids!".

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