MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / September 25, 2007

+ Will MacCormac sent us this table by Gareth Neal, says Will "I really liked this table on the Hidden Art stand at 100% design. It just stood out from everything else.". It's a table inside a table, a traditional trapped within a modernist one.

+ Dinah Verleun's graphic art and porcelain from Brazil.

+ Julian Lwin's Dr. OCTAGON espresso table.

+ Tim Forrester's Arrow is a free standing bookcase and/ or storage unit "that allows you to add or reduce the size of your tower without having to buy a new one. This simple bookcase or storage unit fits inside one another for ease of transportation.".

+ The Coathanger bench by Simon Daniel is inspired by the wire coathanger. This modular design won an award in the RSA Wired Design competition.

+ Furniture by sculptor Jackie Ferrara is on exhibit at the Frederieke Taylor Gallery in New York. Ferrara is a noted artist who often works with architects and landscape designers to create a wide range of public spaces.

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