MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / September 19, 2007

+ The PizzaKobra task light by Ron Arad for iGuzzini is a delightful coil that fits into a pizza box and can then be adjusted into a shape pleasing to the user.

+ These 8 polyamide links connect to make up the tactile Tirtil spice container by Hakan Gencol who uses rapid manufacturing technology for this design.

+ New modular bookshelves from Fitting still use the signature stainless steel and aluminium linking system.

+ Rafael Morgan’s Puzzle Revisited chairs need no screws or nails for assembly.

+ For the laptops that have everything: how about an iamhuman handmade laptop cover? These Seattle designs are available in wood veneers or fabrics (the Paul Smith stripes are great!).

+ A new line of groovy furniture for cats debuts from Italian company The Bubble and the Wave are only 2 of the bed designs just launched in the U.S. via Modern Cat.

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