4 Flickr Finds
by sabine7 / September 19, 2007

The cat edition.

Stainless Steel dish by Wetnoz.

Cardboard Lounges by Marmalade Pet.

Sleepypod Pet Carrier by Meowme.

Leo Cat Scratcher by James Owen Design.

Modern Cat's Flickr photo stream is a comprehensive compendium of MoCo design for the cat world. Corrugated cardboard is a favorite material for loungers and beds (or pods), and many other pieces of cat furniture and accessories seem to be scaled down versions of industrial design originally meant for human. Wetnoz, Marmelade Pets, Meowme and James Owen Design are just a few of the companies that focused on sleek designs that needn’t be hidden away in the basement, but this Flick set also includes work by German company Cat-Interiors, Karim Rashid, Pre Fab Pet and Vurv Design, among others. It is a great resource as a place to start research contemporary options for your cat.


http://mocoloco.com/archives/004550.php http://mocoloco.com/archives/004559.php
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