MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / September 4, 2007

+ Liam O’Brien’s Gorjoso indoor-outdoor chair recently won the VIVID 2007 Commercial prize for best new release at the Melbourne Furnitex.

+ Timo Wong’s Kanvas is a visual display system that combines a tripod easel with integrated roll-able electronic paper. The 30-inch screen can be rolled up and stored in the tube for transport, but more importantly external media sources can be streamed wirelessly to this system that runs on a built-in rechargeable battery.

+ Zygote is an illuminated inflatable ball that responds to pressure applied to its surface. The internal LEDs react to any touch and can also be synched up to light up in unison or be synchronized to music. Zygote is a creation of Tangible Interaction Design, whose slogan we love: “tangible is the new virtual”.

+ Indian designer Alex Davis creates incredible plants and flowers out of stainless steel. Via Designflute.

+ The House Numbers Project by Stockholm-based Medium combines digits created by 10 different typographers and graphic designers.

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