The Barefoot Home
by Harry / September 2, 2007

It's not all contemporary, there's a New Mexican adobe and some New England colonial in The Barefoot Home, but there's enough MoCo design to merit a second look. And more importantly there's a concept that I've adopted, the living room is a room to live in (not a sitting parlor), the dining room is the place used to dine every day and the kitchen is the new entertainment room where preparing food is a communal activity. Says the publisher Taunton, "Our lives have become increasingly informal, and now our homes are following suit.". I'll add that rarely used space is inefficient and needlessly expensive. The 20 homes illustrated here are smaller than usual but entirely livable, so one won't miss the space. Hardcover, 224 pages, well illustrated, $19.80 at Amazon.

P.S. In a similar vein, check out this month's Dwell magazine, The New American Home issue.

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