MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / August 27, 2007

+ The This & That salt and pepper shakers by J. Schatz are oversized – the pepper shaker holds an 8.75 oz. container of pepper while 26 oz. of salt can be housed in the salt shaker.

+ The CELLS mobile phone by Timo Wong is a tactile way to keep in touch. The number keys are alternating contours on the key pad, inspired by fruit trays used for stacking.

+ Josh Urso introduced a new line of tables today. Knoop, or knot in Dutch, is a glass tabletop set upon 500’ of military grade rope impregnated with resin.

+ The line between art and design blurs again, as the Max Lang Gallery features a show on American “material culture”, like this Explosive Amish Picnic Table by Emilie Baltz.

+ The Toco Madera ring by Alberto Villareal gives the superstitious the chance to knock on wood any time they’re on the move. Brazilian redwood, to be precise.

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