MoCo Submissions
by Harry / August 8, 2007

+ Ceramic kitchenware designer Andreas Holm has some new designs on his new blog. That's his bone china NATUR:LIGHT light above.

+ Sylvain Willenz will be showing new works at 100% Design in London. Among the items to be shown, TORCH Light and SLIDE Mirror above. TORCH was inspired by flashlights and car headlights and includes a cleverly inserted diffuser. SLIDE employs graphic drawings which play with ideas of reflection, perception, depth and introspection.

+ Eric Degenhardt's new cup sofa and cup_armchair, "Eric always works and thinks in spacial context - that means that nearly all his work has no backside. Front and back are of the same high elaborate quality - the pieces can be set up into the space and divide the room into different zones or areas.".

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