BCN: Reader Suggestions
by Joshua / July 12, 2007

It would have taken an entire month to check out all of the great Barcelona tips from MoCo readers. We ate great, had plenty of drinks, and shopped our wallets off. I personally picked up some awesome music, as well as a percussion instrument for my collection, near MACBA, and Emily found great clothes and jewelry at some of the other shops that you all mentioned.

But in the end, one place blew us both away. Right now, I'm wishing it existed here in Chicago. Read on to find out what suggestion wins the prize... Jw

MoCo reader and design blogger Emma suggested that we check out RAS, a gallery/bookstore on Doctor Dau. On our first pass, the place was closed, and no hours were listed. We almost missed it. Luckily, Ana and Alex at Itte Studio seconded the suggestion, so we were determined to go back when it was actually open.

RAS had just about every monograph and art book I've ever heard of (Fukasawa, Sagmeister, etc.), and just as many that I hadn't. In the back, two men sat at a table making origami cranes as part of an ambiguous installation.


Rounding it all off was a shelf full of strange indepedent products, like shoes made of Tyvek, lo-fi zines, and an array of smaller design products like buttons, postcards, and toys.

Needless to say, purchases were made.


These vibrant and whimsical postcards by digital artist Catalina Estrada caught my eye. Her sense of space and color are impressive.

We collect toys and figures at our household, so picking one up in Barcelona was a must. This "Mon Cirque" figure by Jaime Hayon was our pick for the trip.

Small, blank journals are hard to pass up. This one is by Papelicola.

RAS catered to just about all of my vices; I also found a book of amusing-yet-disturbing stickers by Gina Matho.

Thanks Emma for your great suggestion! I'll be sending an original sketch your way (and heck, I'll probably throw in some other goodies too)!

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