Tropism Vase
by Harry / June 26, 2007

Graphic Designer Joshua Davis and design studio Commonwealth have created a series of vases using animation software exported to rapid prototyping. Commonwealth digitally designed and manufactured the base object which was then used to make a limited series of 21 porcelain vases by Boehm Porcelain. Davis then wrote software programs for the graphic paint that uniquely details each digital-porcelain vase. Joshua Davis has also done a new, computationally driven set of prints for the show as well. More after the jump.


Commonwealth created this object in Maya, the same animation software used for animated 3D films.

These are the stereo lithography "prints".

The procelain vase by Boehm Porcelain with the unique graphic paint by Joshua Davis.

Also on show, Joshua Davis' computationally driven set of prints curated by Maxalot.

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