MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / June 19, 2007

Recent MoCo submissions.

+ Reluct has a photo gallery of this year's Royal College of Art graduation show 'The Great Exhibition' at Kensington Gardens.

+ Parallel to the Art Basel show designers were invited to create installations in the Vitra factory. Jerszy Seymor created a kid´s chair, above left, made out of bio-plastic (which is made from potatoes). Via kidsmodern.

+ Developer LivingHomes has partnered with WIRED Magazine to produce the WIRED LivingHome in L.A. that embodies green living and state-of-the-art design and technology. And instead of demolishing the house currently on the property, the partnership is deconstructing it for further use by Habitat for Humanity and low-income housing in Mexico.

+ Spanish designers Herme Ciscar and Monica Garcia have come up with furniture that incorporates the idea of the teeth of a zipper into its openings. Via Elmanco.

+ Invicta, the Italian bag makers, have just re-launched their Minisacs by inviting 16 designers to re-design the once ubiquitous striped Minisac for a contemporary urban lifestyle. Also via Elmanco.

+ Joanna Strand uses snowdrops as inspiration for her Bow lighting. Her goal was to use a sculptural form that did not interfere too much with our perception of darkness while allowing the surroundings to be illuminated.

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