MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / June 18, 2007

Recent MoCo submissions.

+ Robert Oosterheert's sleek and streamlined 00.1 table substitutes a lamp for table legs.

+ Lucile Soufflet is the current guest exhibitor at the Atelier A1 in Brussels. The Lucile ceramics are a series of cups whose handles represent the handles from the history of the Royal Boch earthenware factory.

+ The Bon Marché department store on the Left Bank is featuring some new vinyl wall and floor covering in an event called Sticker Mania. Featured here is a set by 5.5 Designers.

+ The Dahlia by Janne Kyttanen is a white polyamide light designed for digital manufacturer Freedom of Creation.

+ In Korea a user-paid waste disposal system is in place and consumers must purchase special garbage bags. Emil Goh decided to propose a dual purpose to the bags and created a limited edition grocery/garbage bag by simply printing instructions on the reverse.

+ Planet Profil offers custom graphics for walls and ceilings on a grand scale.

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