MoCo Submissions
by sabine7 / May 28, 2007

Recent MoCo submissions.

+ Form Us With Love’s first house is the Factory Cottage, a duohouse of two houses back to back of 65 square metres each.

+ The Vu coffee table can be customized with a printed acrylic top using images from Vu Unlimited or providing your own.

+ Normann Copenhagen presents Kontur, a new flexible vase of silicone that came into being after its designer, Mette Kargo Hvid, experimented with folded paper.

+ The Epsilon side table with a drawer from Powell & Bonnell provides a great place to hide the remote.

+ Lwindesign has a new Memo chalkboard table of eco-mdf with a chalkboard finish that is a surefire way to keep everyone busy and engaged.

+ Tarati is the latest concept or ‘nonobject’ from Design Fiction, taking the idea of connecting with others by cell phone to one where we physically connect by passing fingers through keyholes, to touch someone without pressing a button.

+ Designglut has some cheeky jewelry that takes a look at the fetishization of oil: a ring and necklace featuring oil barrels, a girl’s new best friend, instead of diamonds.

+ Peggy is an installation by Matt Billfield comprised of 2788 hand cut, sanded and painted dowels that make for a new twist on Lichenstein’s “M-maybe”

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