The Next NEXT Things, Houses, Commute Kings, Emerging Designers
by Harry / May 16, 2007

We're off to NYC in a day or so for Design Blogfest, ICFF and NY Design Week and that can only mean one thing; get some mags for the trip.

- Jill alerted me to New York magazine's Home Design issue with with The Next NEXT Things on the cover. The Best Of and The Next are always code words for editors-in-a-room-with-Post-it-notes, but ya know, I really liked The Next Everything, the choices are on the money and drole, ie., "Moss on a rock is the next box of grass". The Next White, a rental that gets a makeover by WORKac, is an apartment that could have been curated by MoCo Loco. Nice.

- Fine Homebuilding's annual Houses issue is a annual fave. It may be a little too arts'n'craftsy for MoCo lovers, but if you want to build a house, a small house, it's hard to beat. Of note; "Lessons learned by a first-time owner-builder", "10 Big ideas for small houses" and entertainment system find, The Evo System.

- I'm an avid urban biker. This is the year that bicycles break out of the iron grip of mountainbikers and spandex racers and the urban bike, as currently defined by fixed gear and folding bikes, makes its mark. Wired this month has a piece called the Commute Kings on folding bikes, all the rage in Europe. But they missed one, the Dahon Jack, which I just got, with fat tires (for curbs and medians), an air pump in the seat stem, 7 speeds and folds neatly into a Zipcar.

- It's not a print mag, but it's a good read in time for ICFF, web newsletter Artkrush does a special issue on Emerging Designers, "With playful humor, bold patterns, and cutting-edge technology, young designers are restyling furniture design...".

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