2 Questions for Victor Vetterlein
by sabine7 / May 10, 2007

Victor Vetterlein is the creative genius behind the Woojuin Series of furniture “where the mechanical (rational/linear) and organic (irrational/fluid) fuse to create a symbiotic bi-product.” An example of this is the new stool, where the front appears robotic while the back looks much like the hindquarters of an animal. An interesting detail is the chain across the back that permits the stool to hung when not in use, “Shaker Style”. Woojuin’s vibe is sleek and ultra-modern, but avoids being cold and stark thanks in part to the humour infused and the great photography! We asked Victor a couple of questions because we were fascinated by his designs.

The 'Woojuin-2007 Little ST-1’ stool is the latest design from your Woojuin Collection, an example of Organic Futurism. Could you tell us about this expression that you have coined? And what are the origins of the collection's name Woojuin?
Designers are now liberated from the manufacturing constraints of the twentieth century. Technological advances provide the tools necessary to produce objects that are fluid and interlaced in form, quite often very similar to shapes found in nature. I call this manner of expression ‘Organic Futurism’.
My designs are organic in nature. However, their point of reference does not seem to be of this world. The name Woojuin came from my wife (and product model), and it means ‘an extraterrestrial being’ in Korean.

Woojuin-2007 Little ST-1.

The world is already full of 'stuff' – as a designer, why do you choose to create more?
I have a strong desire to create objects that are original and thought provoking.

'Woojuin-2007 AL-1’ floor lamp.


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