How to Live in Small Spaces
by Harry / April 8, 2007

How to Live in Small Spaces: Design, Furnishing, Decoration and Detail for the Smaller Home is the latest book by author, designer and founder of Habitat stores Terence Conran. If you don't know Habitat, check out their latest catalog here. If books are any indicator, this is the year of living large in small spaces. "Opting for a smaller home enables one to live in a more desirable location, perhaps closer to work; a smaller home is cheaper to run (think energy), easier to maintain and forces one to be more selective in purchases and less acquisitive.". I think I'll borrow that phrase to describe MoCo Loco. There's more; "'Think laterally and creatively' is Conran's dictum, for example, in assessing needs, decorating the space to make the most of light and air, simplifying architectural details, building in storage and investing in functional, dual-use furniture, i.e., wall beds in neutral shades.". The book is divided into three sections; Making the Most of Small Spaces, how design and spatial planning are key to maximizing space, Decoration and Furnishing, strategies to make your space look and feel larger, and Branching Out, making the space physically bigger with conversions and extensions. In addition there are six cases studies to illustrate, from a studio in L.A. to a split-level apartment in Paris and an engawa house in Tokyo. See more images with "Search inside" the book at Amazon. Softcover, 224 pages, 150 color & 50 B&W images, $19.77 at Amazon.

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