Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / April 7, 2007

MinArc's M3 House, "customizing prefab homes at prices that remain surprisingly economical". Via Inhabitat.

This week's Moco picks.

+ Manabu Naya + Arata Naya's House in Kyoudou video at 10+1. Via

+ CA Boom home tours at Land+Living; the Marcasel Residence by Frank Fitzgibbons Architects, Greenfield Residence by Minarc-Architects and Courtyard House by Ripple Design.

+ ... and more; CA BOOM 4 wrap up at AT LA, I Boom CA Boom at Archinect, "I start with an aggressive question at an expensive pre-fab villas booth.".

+ Boyarsky Murphy's Thin end of the wedge, "A house built on an unusually awkward site proves full of surprises.". Via Land+Living.

+ "Inspired by Nike Air technology, Art and Cook's O2 line of kitchen tools features patent-pending handles with ergonomic air pockets strategically positioned to protect hands from stresses and pressure.". Via Cool Hunting.

+ Italian Design 360. Via imedaGoze.

+ Miwa Koizumi's PET Project "uses heat guns and soldering irons to sculpt realistic sea creatures from discarded PET bottles". Via designboom.

+ Demakersvan Lucky Charms, "ceramic tableware connected to a luck charm chain". Via Bloesem.

+ Antelope Plug & Play Bathroom Furniture, "You can 'plug and play' washbasins, countertops, shelves and boxes in accordance with your personal needs.". Via Yanko Design.

+ Quiltsr├┐che Evil Rock Quilts, "turns traditional quilting on its ear with modern heirloom quilts that look like they were made by your metal-loving, half-blind Grandma.". Via swissmiss.

+ Grow up!, "an exhibition presented by students from the School of Design and Crafts in Sweden , that wants to remind you of the childhood and point out the needs we all have when growing up.". Via Core77.

+ Bouroullec brothers' Treille for teracrea, "a system of cylindrical vases horizontally aligned and connected by gray-green nylon belts and adjustable lacquered metal braces.". Via design*sponge.

+ Domestic vinyl stickers for the floor. Via decor8.

+ Diane Steverlynck's Modul_le, "a flexible carpet made of felted wool balls. Each round unit is independent from the others, so that one can change the form or utility of it.". Via the style-files.

+ Anthony Dickens' Around About clock, "a clock that works by the numbers rotating clockwise behind the static red arm.". Via Design Milk.

+ LG Wall Mount Projector, "a new take on the typical projector form factor, but what we like about this design is the placement flexibility.". Via Apartment Therapy.

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