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by Harry / March 31, 2007

ARCHIKUBIK's 2,260 sq. ft. Colin's House @ noticias arquitectura. More after the jump.


+ ARCHIKUBIK's 2,260 sq. ft. Colin's House @ noticias arquitectura.


+ Cristian Marino C.'s Casa Marino in Santiago @ Plataforma Arquitectura.


+ "I drew my floor." says Olle, and added a green grass countertop to round out the outside-in kitchen. Via Hemfeber.

+ Ryker/Nave: RN Residence in Montana @ TreeHugger, "one of our big goals is to make beautiful buildings and help people understand that green materials don't predetermine a certain style" (Nave adds) "we're not talking about earthships.". More here.


+ The American Institute of Architects (AIA) launches How Design Works For You, a website with tools that help clients (us) answer questions like; Does your project really require an architect? At what point should you involve a design team? What is it like to work with an AIA architect, and how do you get the most out of the experience? Watch how an experienced AIA architect helps her client define what she wants in a new house in A Sustainable House. Via Inhabitat.


+ KO Basalt garden by Krill @, "They refused to treat their backyard as a tiny piece of nature, but rather as the ideal opportunity to enjoy sun and rain in their own secluded world.".

+ Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects' Dunedin Street extension, "A small extension to a city edge house this project creates a language of new parts by manipulating and exaggerating existing qualities of the dwelling to form an sympathetic dialogue between old and new whilst exploiting every part of the site.". Via architechnophilia.


+ Introducing Space with Elica Deep Silence (EDS³), which "now means that at low speeds you'll barely hear the hood at all!". Via designrepublic.


+ SOZ Re:mo "carpenter blocks" for building your own furniture. Via The Cool Hunter.


+ Champagne's vertical grain EST Engineered Solid Timber furniture. Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ Space Invaders: New Objects for Small Spaces @ Metropolis. Via TreeHugger.


+ Bellato's Action Wardrobe, "Large sliding doors reveal tons of storage for the bedroom, living room, kitchen, home office". Via Apartment Therapy.


+ CA Boom design show coverage at Land+Living, Curbed, NOTCOT, and Inhabitat.


+ Freedom of Creation to launch four new rapid-prototyped products in Milan, including the Cambrian lamp above.


+ Burovormkrijgers' Transfurniture "an amazing table that transforms into a chair when someone sits on it.". Via Sensory Impact.


+ Oscar Narud's Butler Furniture, "Furniture exploring our day-to-day rituals around the home.". Via Yanko Design.


+ Daniel To's magnetic hangers, "These hangers replace the hook with a magnet, accompanied by a suspended piece of metal to allow full freedom of arrangment and display.". Via aptbroadcast via Reluct.


+ Xavier Lust's "Crédence" credenza for dePadova. Via obdesigner.


+ Kose "brings classic lines and classic materials together into beautiful vases" @ style-files.


+ Method to launch a new bodycare line called Bloq this month, "available in four formats: body wash, lotion, shave cream, and bar soap" @ Happy Mundane.

+ Looking forward to seeing the Smallest, Coolest Kitchen.

For magazine lovers...

+ Andy Warhol's Interview, arguably the modern interview original, gets a new look online. Via Check out the audio interviews, the first one is Quentin Tarantino interviewing Rose McGowan.

+ A lone dissenting voice rips Monocle the mag, but "the website is brilliant" (for non-UK readers, a Thomson directory is a phone book).

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