This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / March 30, 2007

This week at Art MoCo we took a look at a few LA-based artists and started with Lola whose canvases sport oddly endearing characters who could fit right into a weirdly parallel Dr. Seuss universe.

A lot of Nathan Spoor’s work is all blues, greens and purples, deeply mysterious and extremely compelling, especially his recurring tangles.

Don’t be fooled by the bright colours and candy hearts – Jason Maloney’s work is far from sugar sweet. Ken and Barbie found that out the hard way.

Tim McCormick’s paintings are a little less harsh, but the softened edge is there nonetheless. McCormick fills his pieces with images and text and it is always intriguing to peer into them in the hopes of putting it all together.

Art MoCo has a soft spot for vintage paintings of little value, so when we found that Anthony Ausgang embellishes found art with his high-energy cartoon characters driving fast cars, well, it seemed like the perfect Friday way to ride. SM

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