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by Harry / March 24, 2007

This week's MoCo picks.

+ visits the 2007 Design Academy Eindhoven graduates show. Featuring Steven Kessels' all mechanical Inside Out Ceiling Fan, Patricia Weusten's City In A Box, Reinier Bosch's Heater/Table, Nacho Carbonell Ivars' inflatable latex Pump It Up furniture and Vivian Wierts' lighting.

+ What Etsy is for crafts, Bouf is for independent modern design. "Bouf is a Superboutique™, specialising in rare, niche, innovative, bespoke, eco-friendly and new-to-market items, from fashion, food and furniture to gadgets, footwear and gifts.". Via Core77.

+ Cathrine Kullberg's Norwegian Forest Lights draw "on a classic scandinavian tradition of using thin birch strips for lighting.". Via design*sponge.

+ Milan Design Week preview: Julian Mayor's Burnout Bench. Via designboom.

+ David Olschewski's Waterwingsstool where "Well-known objects come together to form something utterly new.". Via DESIGNSPOTTER.

+ Simon Barteling's Stardust Watch glow in the dark design. Via designboom.

+ Nau's Profile Fleece Jacke "blends a motorcycle jacket style with fleece comfort– you can stay warm and not look like you just stepped out of an expedition or headed to the ski slope" @ Josh Spear.

+ Lee Stanlier's Front Door Storage system, "on which everything a person may be carrying when outside, can be stored on when entering the home" @ Yanko Design.

+ Alessi and Patricia Urquiola's Buckle Up watch design for Seiko can be worn on the wrist or around the neck @ BusinessWeek.

+ Fred's SNAP-A-PARTY, the do-it-yourself place setting. Via pan-dan.

+ Japan Design Net's coverage of the Kanazawa Design School graduates show. Via storm from the east.

+ Rubinetterie NEVE's lit glass Brick faucet, "transparent or frosted glass can be lit with blue, green or red LEDs". Via Trendoffice and Architectural Record.

+ Matijs Korpershoek's Birdhouse Cuckoos Nest, inspired by the clock. Via the style-files.

+ Lara de Greef's ‘Queen for a day’ is a laser cut steel necklace. Via Bloesem.

+ Method's new air freshener product, the Aroma Pill, is a pill shaped plug in @ NOTCOT. Design details include "a scratch and sniff sticker as the seal of the box".

+ Samsung's SC7830 bag-free, smart vacuum cleaner, includes a Power Pet Brush - "a turbo brush designed to harvest the shedded fur of household pets" @ Appliancist.

+ Visionaire's 50th edition is a set of 10 toys by 10 cult artists. Vis PSFK and aptbroadcast.

+ three layer cake interviews Alexander Taylor, "A designer’s income is often royalty-based, and some people say it’s impossible to earn a living with royalties, but I disagree.".

+ The David Report blogs the 2007 Red Dot Award, of note, "particularly noticeable [this year] that China and Taiwan are becoming stronger every year. They are no longer satisfied with the role of an extended workbench of the western industrial nations, but have begun to create excellent design themselves.”

+ am New York's Living Small in the Big Apple cover story, and audio slideshow, featuring a 295 sq. ft. apartment. Via Apartment Therapy and Curbed.

+ We love plenty of nothing, an essay on minimalism at the Financial Times. Via Archinect.

...and for mag aficionados,

+ Spanish magazine La Mas Bella is an apron, made of denim and sponsored by Pepe jeans, that includes "a small hammer made of caramel, a cassette, a DVD, a collection of photos taken with an antique 4-lens polaroid camera, a box of matches, a book of postcards, a bookazine, a photo catalogue, two small tins, a poetry magazine, an unfoldable map, four lithographs, a spoof members card/licence" @ magculture.

+ Mr. Magazine's 30 Most Notable Launches of 2006. Via magculture.

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