Meta MoCo This Week
by Harry / March 17, 2007

Habitat for Humanity Modular House wins AIA Award. Says TH's Lloyd, "It is sensible because you put the small rooms and complex services in the factory built portions, while the central bay essentially just encloses space" @ TreeHugger.

This week's MoCo picks.

+ 1:1 Making the Digital House, "Since the early days of computer aided design, the holy grail has been to not simply draw the building, but to build it in the computer and then drive the machinery to build it for real.". Done. "Bell Travers Willson have taken it to a whole new level with their demonstration project, 1:1 Making the Digital House. 1:1 is the architectural term for full scale; this isn't a model. They have set up an exhibition of it at The Architectural Foundation's Yard Gallery in London until 20 March." @ TreeHugger. Not only is it not a model, UK-based FACIT is commercializing the "Digitally Fabricated" homes (that's their rendering above).

+ Living Small: Japan's Micro-Homes @ Businessweek, "Japanese architects are building ultra-compact homes for young people with tight budgets and a taste for big city life". Via Land+Living. See more of architect Satoshi Kurosaki's work here.

+ Swizz Style Henry Air Purifier, "The Henry features an automatic shut-off, stands just over 50" tall, makes very little noise and is available in white metallic or black metallic.". Via Cool Hunting.

+ Kyeok Kim's Aurora, Second Skin by Lighting, "creates patterns of light on the body as ornamentation, extending the ornamented space around the body and restyling its decorative silhouette by motion.". Via Yanko Design.

+ Hedi Slimane's ebony and stainless steel F System furniture. Via Reluct.

+ Olivier Sidet's Big Light ceiling light is an extension of it's plaster molding base @ RESETDESIGN.

+ Armoire Collection by Pinch, "inspired by mid-century plaster relief art and involve high-quality cabinetry, with each piece built by an individual cabinetmaker."

+ Milan Design Week previews; "brazilian designer rafael roldao sent us some images of his 'riocasaantistress' sofa... inspired by our city of rio de janeiro and a 'carioca' moment" @ designboom.

+ Conference Deluxe Part 1: The Design Indaba Phenomena @ PingMag, "highlights from the Design Indaba conference with its related events, upcoming projects and also a little on how a positive country spirit can produce a world class conference in only 10 rounds!".

+ radi designers' Wall Invader wallpaper kit, "The wallpaper comes with a DIY kit: a 'gun', some arrows and stamps. With the toy gun you can shoot the stamped bugs on your wall.". Via Bloesem.

+ Designer Edoardo Perri's WIP Metro stroller, "A two-position reclinable hammock seat suspended on a 'superlight', all-aluminum, tripod frame" @ Daddytypes.

+ Built's Laptop Portfolio Case, "its unique bone shape creates an instant built-in bumper system for extra protection at the corners.". Via swissmiss.

+ Splatgirl's nine foot tall Blue Lagoon mosaic tile @ Apartment Therapy.

+ Rie Isono's (click on works>kids) table top countryside for kids. Via AT LA.

+ David Wiseman's Collage Chandelier with bronze branch and porcelain blossoms. Via design*sponge.

+ Studio Frederik Molenschot's Leaves wallcovering. Via pan-dan.

+ Laphoeff 028 bunk bed. Via pan-dan.

+ dschil's Uno beach chair design for Gandia Blasco. Via pan-dan.

+ Antenna magazine, "like a mix between Lucky magazine and design magazines with a dash of the street/skate scene" @ NOTCOT. Also at PSFK.

+ Japanese fitness center Illoiha's rock climbing practice wall uses frames. Via JEANSNOW.NET and Tokyomango.

+ Swobo's Folsom street bike is ready. Says one of the creators, "I used the coaster brake so you can ride with one hand on the bar and still brake. Say you're coming home from the bar with a 12-pack... you can carry it and still slam on the brakes.". Via Bicycle Design and Go Clipless.

+ TESLA car dealerships to open in NYC, Chicago, Florida, North and South CA this Fall. Via Josh Spear and Gizmodo.

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