The Best Ten Answers
by Joshua / March 16, 2007

After several mentions of juice, World of Warcraft, landscape design, SOBs (apparently the Duke of Milan and Jim Carrey have something in common?), and one highly accurate description of my hair, I have culled a list of 70-something entries down to my five favorites. I wish I could give everyone a prize - they were all really great - but in the end, there can be only one.

Top Five Giveaway Entries:

#5. Aaron, who may in fact be a descendant of Bud Abbott and/or Lou Costello.

#4. Jamie Michael B., the only entrant to have the correct answer to Question 10 (which can be verified within the pages of the Monograph, actually.)

#3. Josh Green, who really, really likes his girlfriend, it seems!

#2. Greg Long, who offered me beer (a clever ruse!). Truth be told, I almost threw the whole thing when I saw he was the Greg Long of GAMA-GO (, one of my favorite companies. But I didn't; I'm just that ethical. His entry was great nonetheless!

The fact is, though, that nothing beats a statistics-generating, corned beef-loving, Tupac venerating partial biologist. Therefore, the winner of the Sidedown Monograph #1 + Des Sovere giveaway must be....

#1. I-Wei (noromdiam)

I-Wei's answers are presented below in "Monographer style", or as they would appear in Sidedown Monograph #1:

Thanks to everyone who participated! Jw

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