MoCo Submissions
by Harry / March 16, 2007

Recent MoCo submissions.

+ Mathmos Airswitch O wall lamps designed by Oliviero Zanon. Turn on and off with a wave of a hand. "Only a nail or a screw is required to hang the light from the slit running down the back of the shade.".

+ Launch Design Partner's flatpak Work table now has a net underneath for computer and lighting cabling.

+ Matteo Thun’s Water Jewels collection for VitrA "is based on alternative applications of materials and moving away from the traditional ceramics that are often used in bathroom design and manufacture."

+ E Cube housing, environmentally responsible modular kit houses by Jenesys Buildings made of structural insulated panels (SIPS) and windows. The system has twice the energy efficiency of comparable houses built to standard code and are made of sustainable materials.

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