Moleskine City Notebook
by Harry / March 4, 2007

It's the city guidebook you write. As you may have seen here before, we like city guides at MoCo Loco. So it was with much interest that I looked over the *New York City Notebook that Moleskine sent earlier this week by mail. Each City Notebook has 228 pages including lots of maps (for streets, subways, zones), tabbed pages for different categories (restaurants, shops, hotels) and blank pages for everything else. Other nice touches include translucent sheets for tracing itineraries over the maps and adhesive labels to personalize the sections. All in a package that easily fits in one hand. Each city guide will also have its own Moleskine City Blog where "Moleskine enthusiasts" will feature cultural and travel updates. Currently there are four city blogs; London, Paris, Milan, Rome. Here's an idea, speaking as an armchair designer, the web part should be where City Notebook users can download and print out neatly laid out cultural and travel updates so that they can slide them into their guide before they travel... and what about a place where users can upload images of pages they've filled out or sketched? That would be a useful subscription service. Threadbound (like most Moleskines), 228 pages; 48 pages of maps, 96 tabbed pages, 32 detachable sheets, 34 blank pages, $17.95 at Amazon.

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Fold-out maps.

Tabbed pages.

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