Less is the new more
by Harry / February 20, 2007

Small Is The New Black, the mainstream media finally tunes in; Apartment Therapy's Maxwell and family are featured today on Oprah on a special Small Space episode and last week the NY Times did an article on mini homes (and missed the miniHome, huh!?). Congratulations Maxwell, it's well deserved. The bottom line, don't be a slave to high mortgages or rent, you can live well with less than you think. An idea we've been advocating for a while now, in fact, it goes further than that, we feel it's really about "less is the new more". It's a surprising statement from a blog that generates a non-stop stream of objects made to be consumed. The twist? Consume objects gracefully. Spend more money, buy an item that's made to last, that's multi functional and sustainable, that brings beauty and art into your life. Then stop. Take some time to think before buying the next thing. That's all the proselytizing for today.


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