IMM Cologne 2007 NRG: Varia
by Harry / February 14, 2007

Random images from the IMM NRG show, "a forum for independent designers and design studios. [Where] young designers present their newest ideas and concepts for product design to manufacturers, visitors and journalists at imm cologne. In addition to furniture and other interior design products, this event will also feature creations by jewellers and fashion designers.". Clockwise from above left; UrbanRoom's tableDECK, Charlotte Lancelot's Lace, an unidentified metal chair, Niels Smoge's Plissee 180° pleated light, Roberto Monte's clothes rack and Michael Pfaffenberger and Dirk Frömchen's The IDEENWERKSTATT combo lamp/ table.

UrbanRoom's tableDECK, "with her elegant form, the table can be integrated in a domestic environment as a dining table, and also in a business environment as a work table or a conference table.". The DECK concept combines two sheets, one flat and one extruded profile sheet, which forms a sandwich-like construction that is both strong and lightweight.


Charlotte Lancelot's Lace, "originally created with leftovers of felt, the over sized embroidery fastens the strips together. The concept is available custom-made or as a 'do it yourself' version.".

Unidentified metal chair.

Niels Smoge's Plissee 180° pleated light "with a simple handle [movement] the light can be transformed into a dome, area or reading light.".

Roberto Monte's clothes rack, "movement as mechanical action, movement as mental space, movement as motion of creation, movement as project that continues while used.".

Michael Pfaffenberger and Dirk Frömchen's The IDEENWERKSTATT lamp/ table, "plays with forms, functions and materials.".

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