MoCo Submissions
by Harry / February 12, 2007

Recent MoCo submissions.

+ rAndom International will be exhibiting The Pendulum Installation (above) at at the Kinetica Museum in London until March 11. "The simplest version of rAndom Internationals’ light objects, the pendant lights use gravity and magnetism to create both consistent and random patterns on the phosphorescent floor pieces.".

+ Orfeo Quagliata, is "a visionary artist and industrial furniture designer, who explores the interplay of color and light, geometric and organic forms, through glass. With contemporary titles such as Bar Code, Jimi’s Brains, Cell Divider it’s clear he also has a sense of humor.". That's Alge Cells above.

+ Felipe Zanardi's Dedos (fingers in Portuguese) glass, "it's quite simple but I find it to be an interesting way of changing how we use this nice little object every day.".

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