Volt, E-Flex and CLMs Part 3
by Harry / January 12, 2007

Here’s the third and last installment in the series on GM’s new Volt electric car concept. I’m clearly not a car expert, but I do believe GM has created something innovative with the E-Flex platform, that the designers have done an admirable job with a design that will appeal to the “alpha” car buyer, that the marketers have clued in to the right demographic by branding it a Chevy. The likelihood of a production version of the Volt within the next five years? Slim. IMHO, the non-extant battery is a much bigger gap than it’s made out to be and inertia is a powerful thing as well illustrated by these statements. I want GM to build a plug-in electric, I hope that the battery will be at the rendez-vous, if only to save the thousands of jobs that are dependent on it.

2007 looks like it may be a transitional year in another way, Toyota may eclipse GM as the world’s largest car company. If yes, Toyota will have done it with a car line-up that is heavily weighted towards small vehicles and with some innovative hybrid technology. That may provide GM the required impetus to get the Volt into the market sooner rather than later. After all, they did build the EV1, they can certainly build the EV2.

Oh, and CLM is a three letter acronym for Career Limiting Move, it’s why there isn’t a firm date for the production Volt. Got an opinion? Leave a comment.


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