This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / December 22, 2006

The week started with a bit of artistic altruism in the form of ‘left’ pieces of art by Adam Neate, who thrives on the creative aspect of his work and then leaves it for others to enjoy publicly or perhaps in the private of their own collection.

Strong women were next on the agenda, as we looked at the Mothers of Destruction created by Nicola Verlato. These action heroes deal with domestic, as well as universal, crises. Far-flung eggs are just the beginning …

Our first blue box was by Casey Logan who creates a vortex out of duct tape in a cardboard box. Logan’s specialty is the juxtaposition of science class objects and concepts with settings that provoke a double take, like speakers in a globe.

Then Noah Nakell’s blue box filled us with relief because although he is depicting our fears, he has contained them in wooden boxes that can be shut.

And Anne-Marie Kornachuk packs a white dress full of impact. SM

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